At GiANT we grow companies by growing the people who lead them. We grow hearts. We grow minds. We grow significance. We’re CEOs who’ve been there . . . growing CEOs who’ve arrived. We’ve walked a mile in your shoes. Now let’s talk about your next step.


New Office in London!

Giant World Wide

GiANT has established an office in London to expand GiANT globally under its latest brand, GiANT Worldwide. GiANT Worldwide helps deal with difficult leadership issues in a 24-month program called Core and also affect culture growth through their intentional Culture Builder program. Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram have opened the office in London to expand the leader development expertise and the large leadership event business throughout Europe and beyond.

Master Executive

How do some top leaders make growth look easy, while others struggle just to stay even? Why do some leaders seem to be on the fast track while others never really get ahead? Is it luck….timing….connections….something else? We at GiANT have the answer. Based on years of coaching leaders and companies to help them grow, we understand the skills, tools, and mindset that set those master executives apart from the rest. More often than not, these things are never taught to Executives – they are simply left to ‘figure it out for themselves’.

Leadercast OKC

Join us at 8AM on May 9th at the Devon Boathouse for this one-day simulcast event broadcast live from Atlanta to over 100,000 leaders around the globe. Leadercast exists to positively change the way the world thinks about leadership. This year’s theme – Beyond You – challenges leaders to focus outward rather than inward. Speakers including Malcolm Gladwell, Laura Bush and Jack Welch will take us to the next step in discovering what it means to be a leader worth following.